North Shuswap Christian Fellowship
Missions & Missionaries NSCF Support
On a monthly basis:
Missionary Prayer Focus Group
Since Jan. 2017 our church has been involved in this internal program. Each month the 6 missionaries we support are prayed for on a daily basis by a committed individual or couple. Also each month a group of 4 key words or phrases are suggested & the Focal Group uses these words as their basis for prayer for that missionary. Each week the word or phrase changes. Do you want to be a part of this praying ministry??
Contact Valerie Scranton or Holly Drinkle.
Conan & Julana Arndt - Faith Mission, Falkland
Ken & Leanne Jacobson - Creative Access Country (EFCC)
Jeff & Edi Torrens - International Student Ministry, Kamloops
Jack Knight - Athletes in Action, Calgary
Shawn & Sondi Carlaw - E-Free church plant, Topolka, Hungary
Adult & Teen Challenge - Addiction Centre, Lake Country, BC
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